Katlab at the Royal Institute’s Ri Lates event ‘Questioning Reality’, April 2015

Research at KatLab, headed by Dr Katerina Fotopoulou, focuses on topics and disorders that lie at the borders between neurology and psychology and challenge any rigid distinction between mind and body. The lab is particularly interested in understanding how our embodiment, including the rooting of the mind in our embodied interactions with other people, influence the function of our brain and ultimately shape how we understand ourselves and our new experiences.

We use behavioural, electrophysiological, neuroimaging and pharmacological methods to study body feelings, sensorimotor signals and related body representations in healthy individuals and in patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders of body awareness, including patients with stroke-induced unawareness of deficit and related body delusions, functional sensorimotor disorders and eating disorders.


1Christmas is less than 40 nights away, time to send off those cards!

The Neuro-psychoanalysis Fund (NPSA), a UK-registered Charity, collaborating with UCL on a set of new, interdisciplinary research projects is now selling ‘brainy-themed’ cards. 100% of the profits made from the purchase of the cards will support the NPSA and the funding of this research at UCL.

1 card: £2
3 cards: £5        6 cards: £10

***Special Price for students and trainees only*** 10 cards for £10 

We are selling the cards at UCL (Torrington Place). If you are interested please contact Elena Panagiotopoulou (e.panagiotopoulou@ucl.ac.uk) or Aikaterini Fotopoulou (a.fotopoulou@ucl.ac.uk). Thanks!